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Opteron 144 has trouble hitting 280FSB

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I got my rig built yesterday and have been slowly overclocking it. I am now at 2430Mhz (270x9).


I am running Prime95 right now with no errors. I am at 1.425V right now with a LTD multi of 3.


270x3x2 = 1620


1620 for the HTT bus speed. This should be around 2000 right? Is 1620 too low? I tried upping the vcore to 1.475 and it still wont get into windows.

The ram is also at 135mhz with divider.


Opteron 144 CAB2E

DFI Ultra-D

FSP 400

2x1GB G.Skill PC4000 HZ



Any suggestions?



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Don't know if that's your problem but your PSU is a 400W ?

Well...if it is, it doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run the NF4 board....let alone overclock it....so I'd recommend you put in a more powerful PSU just to see if that's holding your overclock back....

See if you can borrow one from a friend...

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