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Getting CPU Temperature

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Does anyone know of any utilities that I can use to monitor my CPU temp.



I have tried:



However, I don't see my board revision in the drop down list of DFI supported boards. Mine is 661FX-TML. Is there a different name for it that would MDM is looking for.



It doesn't support the Motherboard/CPU either, so I can't tell the temperature.


(as per AceGoober)

Hardware Monitor


This gets me an error 'Winbond chip not found" when I try to run it.


So, any other ideas?


Thank you in advance.

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I have completed a bit of research on this board and I have come to the conclusion that there is no built-in temperature monitoring other than the Delay Prior to Thermal which protects your CPU if it starts overheating.


Your best bet is to get a digital temperature readout panel and place the accompanying thermistor next to the CPU or other device you intend to monitor.

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