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-=Unofficial=- R580 Thread {Owners Wanted}

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Anyone wanting a very cool (literally speaking) cooling solution for the X1900 series let me know. I've found a sweet spot. Quite and effective.


ooh me me me. tell all, what have you got wevsspot?

my 1900 is a hot mofo when i enable full HDR in games, it runs over 80c! for the whole time so i'm scared to run it for too long. i'm looking for custom cooling now so anything anyone can suggest is great

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You'll need one empty PCI slot directly below your video card. Then you'll need the following two products;








When you receive the X2 the first thing you'll want to do is to remove the factory fan and shroud assembly. Easy to do, two small screws are all that hold it on. Once the factory fan and shroud are removed you'll find all the glory of a nice hefty set of cooling fins and heat pipes.


Remove your OEM VGA cooler and replace with the "naked" X2. Install v/c into your rig. Install Vantec Spectrum dual fan pci card right below the X1900XT. Dual fans blowing 32cfm of nice cool air all across your video card :) And the real nice thing is it isn't directing the hot air right back down onto your motherboard like the X2 does with the stock fan and shroud. Instead it's kind of dispersing that air in all different directions, allowing it to be picked up in your other intake/exhaust air streams from your case fans.


When I made this simple mod, my chipset and case temps went back down to the same level they were at when I was running my 7800GT with NV3 Silencer. My X1900XT idles in 2D at 38-39C and the hottest I've ever seen it is 76C in 3D after about three hours of FEAR.


And my XT is clocked at 652/752 :)

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