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Whole System For Sale! Kick Ass Parts!

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Hi Guys,


Unfortunately for me I got laid off one of my jobs. Fortunately for you I will have to sell my whole PC so I can survive for a couple of months till I find another job :sad: .


Here's the deal, I will leave all this stuff here for a week before posting it on Ebay and Heatware. Everything is going on Ebay for a Buy it Now price same as here, so you guys get first pick :nod: .


The whole system is in my sig, and everything is Like New condition with no dings or scratches and have their respective boxes, driver cd's and acessories (unless otherwise stated below). All the expensive stuff still have a bunch of warranty left.


Here we go for the goods:


1x DFI LanParty UT DR Expert - U$ 160 shipped SOLD


2x Plextor 716A (Black w/ 1 bezel Faceplate) - U$ 150 shipped (they'll only go toguether) SOLD


1x AMD FX-60 CPU - U$ 965 shipped SOLD


2x 2GB Kits of Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR500 (4x1GB) - U$ 300 ea. kit shipped (1 left)


2x BFG 7800GTX OC 512mb (580/1750) - U$ 515 ea. shipped SOLD


1x Termaltake Hardcano 13 - U$ 45 shipped SOLD


4x Hitachi 7K500 SATA II 16mb OEM - U$ 240 ea. shipped (1 left)


1x Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty - U$ 250 shipped SOLD


1x Nvidia NVTV Dual Turner 32 mb, Original MS MCE Remote & MCE OS - U$ 230 shipped SOLD


1x Gigabyte 3D Aurora Case w/ complete WC system for CPU, Lian-Li Aluminum Floppy and 3.25 LCD Fan controller w/ temp & clock & side window- U$ 460 shipped SOLD

- Swiftech Radiator - MCR220QPK DUAL120 mm (Black)

- Silverstone SST-SDPO5 120 mm Case Fans

- Swiftech MCP655 12 VDC Pump

- Swiftech Micro Reservoir

- Swiftech STORM Extreme Performance Universal Water-block

- Tygon 3603 1/2" ID Clear Tubing


1x Dell 2405fpw 1920x1200 24' LCD Monitor - U$ 765 shipped SOLD


1x D-Link DGL-4300 Gaming Router w/ wider Range Antenna - U$ 125 shipped SOLD


If you have any questions, please send me a PM.


Ebay: lcrava


Ebay feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...rid=lcrava&iid=


Have a good one,



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