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Windows XP 64bit install issues.

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Hi all


Just purchased the hardware listed in my signature and I'm having problems installing Windows XP 64bit.


I've used several DFI boards before and I'm familiar with all the settings. I've got it all setup at default speeds and timings now for testing purposes as I just cannot get Windows installed. It's memtest stable for 11+ hours.


Basically, I've setup my two Hitachis in RAID 0, formatted them as one "500GB" drive. Format the drive as NTFS and Windows installation copies the files.


It reboots and I set the keyboard settings, input my product code, it carries on installing drivers and start menu items etc.


It reboots again, this is where it should then come up with the options for finalising the installation, I.E. Security Centre and the like.


But about 3 seconds in to loading(it just passes the Windows XP boot screen) it restarts and goes back to the BIOS.


Having tried loading Windows in Safe Mode, it gets as far as loading the file acpitbl.bin(going by memory, at work at the moment) and that's where it stops.


I've tried installing without RAID turned on but still no good.


What shall I try next?


Thanks for any help.

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I suppose, that you took the nForce SataRaid drivers off a chipset driver package 6.66 or higher. You can't install XPx64 by using F6/floppy method with the actual nForce SataRaid drivers, because the MS setup routine does not trust the nForce drivers and installs at least the wrong (MS) ones. Bad consequence: endless reboots.

You have 2 possibilities:

1. Try the F6 install again, but use the 64-bit nForce chipset driver package 6.56 (you can download it at Guru3D). After the successful install you can try to update your nForce SataRaid drivers to the actual version (package 6.67 or 6.69).

2. If you want to install XPx64 with the actual nForce SataRaid drivers, you have to slipstream them by using a tool like nLite or CD Creator.

Here are the guides for the integration of the nForce sataRaid drivers into a bootable Windows XP x64 CD:

a) nLite:


B) CD Creator:



Good luck!


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