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Sporadic Boot problems.

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Well, I bought that G.SKILL Extreme Series 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 500 (PC 4000) Kit when it was on speical with mail-in-rebate on newegg.


Initially it booted fine, after adjusting the timings for that RAM, by using The G.skill technician's recommended settings in ooztuncer's attached spreadsheet. But, now OCASSIONALLY, the RAM is not detected. So I memtested it, and each stick individually and together will show no errors on 10 full passes of Memtest.


I was wondering what the street thinks. Perhaps I should RMA the RAM, and flash the BIOS?


I'd like to get this problem straightened out before I wipe my system and finally RAID 0 those Raptors...


Dram frequency set (MHz)	200

Command per clock (CPC)		  enable

CAS latency control (tCL)	3

RAS# to CAS# delay (tRCD)	4

Min RAS# Active Timing (tRAS)	8

Row Precharge timing (tRP)	4

Row cycle time (tRC)			7

Row refresh cycle time (tRFC)	13~18

Row to row delay (tRRD)			2

Write recovery time (tWR)	2

Write to read delay (tWTR)	1~2

Read to write delay (tRTW)	2~3

Refresh period (tREF)			3684

Write CAS# latency (tWCL)	1

DRAM bank interleave		  enable

DQS skew control			auto

DQS skew value					0

DRAM drive strength			7 (varies)

DRAM data drive strength	1 (varies)

Max Async Latency			7~8

**DRAM response time			normal

Read Preamble time			5 

Idle cycle limit			256

Dynamic counter				  enable

R/W queue bypass			16x

Bypass max					7x

32 byte granulation			disable


Oh yeah, thanks to everyone who either replies, and/or looks. :angel:


:tooth: Ha ha, I just looked and realized I never actually explained what was going on.


When I press the power button It'll go as far in the post as to tell me the CPU is there, and doesn't detect hte RAM, so it just sits there, then I press the reset button, and it'll detect the RAM, and boot, and run fine.

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