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NF4 Bios idea - Shutdown temp

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I was thinking that it would be really cool if someone could make a bios that will allow the user to set a shutdown temperature at lower then 60c. The current of 60c does nothing for us using phase-change and other subzero cooling methods.


If we could select from lile -40c and up that would be sooo helpful. If I'm running -40c and my temps go up to 60c before the power kicks, there is going to be trouble. I already killed a CPU, mobo, and ram like this :sad: Its becuase going from that cold to above ambient so quick causes condensation really easy. Not to mention the speeds and voltages we are running at those temps aren't suitable for 60c+ lol.


Just thought I'd throw this idea out as DFI is known for the extreme overclocking board and many run subzero methods of cooling on it....




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