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It's that time of the year to upgrade.

I got a good idea, on the next build; however it's not finalized. So I wanted some input from the street.

Alright, I pretty much narrowed to another DFI, most likely an Expert, or CFX3200-DR. Or maybe an Asus 8N Premium, or Abit (Pricewise) Though I am confortable with the DFI, and able to overclock it much easer now, me and SLi-DR understand one another :).


Anyhow, I need the budget to stay under 1500$ for phase one. I already have a case; Wavemaster, and all accesories and cables.


Here's phase 1.

1. PowerSupply: I wanted another OCZ 600W, however I might have to step down to the 520w, or if anyone can recommend an alternative for not more than 145$

2. CPU: This time, I think I am going to wait for the dual core after Conroe hits full force, new tech is inevitable, so I am sticking to a 1.8 ghz Venice, provide alternative if applies, price range: +/- 120$

3. Motherboard 185$-240$ If I stay SLi, I am sticking with with GeForce 7xxx series, ATi, X1800, the new 512mb X1800XT looks hot, and nice price, I believe non crossfire though they have software crossing.

4. RAM 270$ Given, OCZ Platnium, same as before, provide alternative if you see fit.

5. Video Card Geforce 7 +/- 7800 GT, or 512 Mb X1800XT (selection on Gfx will also force mobo decision.)

6. 2x Harddrive 155$ Hitachi Deskstars Sata 0, alt?

7. DVD Burner 60$ Given.........


Now monitor, I need one that is Widescreen, I was looking at the Sceptre Naga III, or if I blow the budget a Dell 24in W LCD.


Later. Also provide good deals, and or coupons etc if you find anything. *Later

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Actually OCZ is coming out with two new models of their "GamerXstream" soon. One is going to be 600w and the other with 700w. Both around $130-$160. So i would wait if you have patience. You can either stick with ATI or nVidia chipsets either way their is the CrossFire 3200 from DFI and SLI nVIDIA from the Expert which both boards have a nice spacing between the two PCI-E so you can fit dual slot gfx cards that will actually have enough space to breathe.


Intel is going to take over the performance crown from AMD by 20% and i don't think AM2 from AMD is going to be much of a help since they are more for power consumption and not performance. I would get an Opteron 165 Retail and overclock that to FX-60 specs which is 2.6GHz. That processor costs $1000 compared to the Opteron $325 (Retail). Dual core will help you with encoding/decoding movies, playing games that will soon support more dual core than single core this year.


The X1900 series are the video cards you should be looking at instead of the x1800 unless you're tight on your budget. If you want to go SLI, get two 7900GT's and overclock them as well to gain more performance. Harddrives, why not two 74GB Raptors, unless you are more concerned about capacity and not performance then get two 150GB Raptors 16mb of cache and it will outperform the other 74GB by distances.


This is all i can say since i don't know much about Wide screen LCD's, since i'm using a standard 19" LCD myself. Good Luck and i hope this helps! :)


If you one good deals go to "Monarchcomputers.com" they don't tax you (now isn't that wonderful?)

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Would anyone have an ETA on the PSU's? Perhaps OCZ themselves may answer. I would definitely wait, assuming they hold the same standard of quality as did the PowerStream 600W.


The Chipset, I am not particularly worried, both are topnotch, the Nf4, I owned for quite a while now, see sig.


I seen Conroe performances, thus I agree, hence why I mentioned that, I will consider dual core again, only after Conroe hits full force.


In my opinion AM2, is merely a sidestep, until they get K8L, K10 ready etc.


I considered going Opty, but budget considerations, it will depend on how much funds I will have avaliable. Right now the 100-150$ range for procesors is more likely, unless someone wants to donate ;).


I do alot of enconding, and gaming, however for the benefits, I believe will only show in an year or two, until a dual core is really necesary, once that becomes a reality then I will upgrade to dual core. If I spend 120$ now, means I can save the rest, when dual core really makes an impact. Thats my mindset at the moment.


Budget is quite tight, university calling, and scholarships don't cover housing etc.


I used the raptors before, very good, but a raided Hitachi can almost compete. Again its a price per benefit issue. For space, I use a external cluster, so space isn't an issue at all, all thats going on the harddrives are programs, data goes to the cluster.


Mack, pretty much deadon, and your suggestions I considered prior, however I want to focus on cost per benefit.


My goal is to run any 3D application, game etc, on highest settings, no FSAA, or AA, FF, I won't need them, as I plan to run on highest possible resolution.

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