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OCZ 2x1gb DDR400 Woes

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Yeah, if I weren't trying to salvage an expensive AGP card, I would have gone with a different board. Next time, I'll get more feedback from the serious hardware guys over here. Nevertheless, my Super PI times are down to 30 sec @ 1M and 306 sec @ 8M, so I'm reasonably happy with the arrangement for putting 2 gB of memory on this thing.


The current settings are in my signature, and the CPU is running between 38 and 42 deg. C, at 1.425 VID/110%. If I could get the memory faster, I would be totally happy with this combo!


The A64Tweaker trick just seizes immediately on my machine...unfortunately...

I might try it again after a bit more burn-in. Thanks again for all the help, and I'll try a raytrace with both 2x512 (fast) and 2x1024(at required slow speed) to see how they compare in my personal "real world".



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