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Max Ram at fast speeds?

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Hey guys,


Im having issues getting my motherboard to run all 4gb of ram at 400ddr. It'll do 2 gigs no problem, but when I put all four (and take all four slots), it seems to default to 333. This sucks, since benchmarks (HL2:Lost Coast) seem to tell me my comp runs a whole lot faster with 2 gigs at 400 dual channel rather than 4 gigs at 333.


Any ideas? Am I missing a setting somewhere?? Some people had adviced cranking up the juice to the memory bank, but i can't imagine that being the solution.


I appreciate your help!




As far as benchmarks, in Lost Coast, Im running all settings maxed, 4x AA and Full HDR at 1920x1200, with 2 gigs I get 78FPS (average) and with 4 gigs it drops to 56FPS (average).

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If you ask people for help don't discard the information they give you lol.

Cranking up the juice is about the best chance you have. Or perhaps if you switch to 2T that'll help.

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