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Temperature point on the mobo

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Hi ^^



i would like to know the temperature point, on the motherboard, called PWarea, is that the little poor grey radiator, near the power supply slot ?? Why isn't a fan ?? because on full load, it's near 48-50°, and the CPU stay, o/c under 40° ...


I have just saw we can but a new northbridge fan, i'll see for that, because it's quite hot on my computer ^^



thanks :)

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i dont know the maximum temperature but those temps seem well within range. i have owned 2 DFI Expert motherboards and the temps are the same as you reported. they are the voltage regulators and are ment to get hot. ive owned lots of Abit, Epox and Jetway motherboards where their regulators were 58 and up.


IF you are concerend you could mount a fan somehow blowing on to them, they are the 5 heatsinks on the board itself (4 around the CPU socket and one near PSU)

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