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New Bios, cannot boot?

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Try to clear the CMOS again for 15-30mins. I just flashed my Expert to the latest BIOS earlier and haven't experienced that problem, I used winflash btw.

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Weird, the same thing happened to me a minute ago... but I was feeling lazy and flashed via WinFlash. When I flashed via floppy, worked like a charm.


Did you happen to flash with WinFlash, Doubtful?


No. I used a floppy. Specifically used autoexec.


EDIT: I'll try a CMOS clear for a half hour. Hopefully that fixes it. Nothing but problems with this computer! :(

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So I just finished flashing the correct bios and I turn the computer on to a blank screen. I don't get the initial short beep. Any ideas?


http://tw.dfi.com.tw/Support/Downlo..._FLAG=A&SITE=TW are the bios I used.

Your link is not found. Did you flash to the new 4-06-06 bios for your sli-dr? It looks like njack in a post a little further down had the same problem.

Let me set this up first.

This whole cluster **** is just getting crazy and it's really starting to wear on my last nerve.

I flashed my sli-dr a few hours ago to the new 4-06-06 bios. It said everything went fine, no problem, remove floppy and hit f1 to proceed. 3 leds, won't boot.

When I sent my sli-dr off six weeks ago, it was for the same 3 led problem. No amount of cmos clear or pulling the battery helped and I don't believe it will this time either. Never the less, I set the speaker to the on position and tried the official won't boot way with the insert key after 2 hours and I don't even get a beep.

I hope you don't consider this a hijack of your thread, it fits in here, but theres more to it.

When I sent my sli-dr off 6 weeks ago, I left the Karajan audio module on the board. I know you aren't supposed to ship the accessories, but I considered the audio module part of the board once it was installed. My sli-dr came back 3 weeks ago without a Karajan audio module, so I contacted Donna, and she sent me another one.

I've been tracking my Venus all week through the Fed-Ex tracking number I was given. It was supposed to show up tomorrow, but it showed up today by UPS. When in the hell did UPS start delivering packages for Fed-Ex?

I thought it was just a fluke that I didn't get my Karajan audio module back on my sli-dr, so I left it on my Venus when I sent it in, and it came back without the module as well. Now I have to contact Donna and get another one. If they want you to remove it, they should say so in the rma instructions. In the three boards I've had, I've never even tried the Karajan to see how it sounds, but I need it in case I ever want to sell the board.

Like I said, my Venus rolled in a day early, so I figured I'd put the new bios on my sli-dr before I put it away.

I set up my Venus outside of the case, and it booted fine, so I figured I might as well put the new Venus 4-06-06 bios on it before I closed it up. It flashed and is working fine outside of the box right now and even booted to an existing x64 drive that was on my sli-dr. I haven't put it in the case yet but, but it looks as if it's good for the Venus.

Now I have the choice of leaving everything sit out all night for an overnight clear on my sli-dr or putting my Venus back in, closing it up, and sending my sli-dr off for another rma.

I have never had any luck with these things clearing up by any length of cmos clear. I'm really getting tired of having to pay shipping fees for rma's, but thats what I'm gonna do.

The day I got my sli-dr back from rma, my Venus crapped and the day I got my Venus back from rma, my sli-dr . the bed, due to the new official bios. I just can't seem to keep 2 of these boards working at the same time.

I love the site, and the looks, features and the idea of DFI boards, but I don't like how easily corruptible these bios or the roms themselves are.

All I know is a successful flash to an official DFI bios, shouldn't result in a broken board and another rma.



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I fixed the link earlier.


So more or less what you're telling me is, RMA it cause it's junk now? :(

I know when I had three leds before, nothing worked. I tried 2 overnight clears and finally gave up and sent it back. It came back to me and was working well until I flashed today. Some here will say if it was working fine, why did you flash it? Because there is always something on these board that could be helped with a new bios and if it's official, why not.

I'm not saying doing a 24 hour clear, won't take care of yours, but it's never done anything for mine.

I'll probably leave both boards and everything sitting out overnight, just so I can say I tried an overnight clear.

The reason I don't have a lot of confidence is after 2 hours I don't even get a beep when holding down the insert key.

If it doesn't boot tomorrow, I'll haul it down to the mailstop, give 'em another $18. At least this time they won't get my Karajan module, cuz there ain't one on it.

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