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Floppy connector won't fit?

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Aside from the extremely awkward location of the floppy power connector right below the pci-e slot, the connectors from my antec neoHE 550 don't seem to fit it. I even tried with an extra psu I have and could not get it to completely fit on there either. Is it vital to have it connected? I've been running so far without it.

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unless someone specifically screwed up at the factory.


i have handled several of these boards, everything plugs in nicely.


i am with the other poster, turn it around....your board may run fine without it, but there was a reason it was put there, and it wasn't just for looks....


my main complaint on that plug is its location down under the ziff/heatsink area, just not the best spot for it..i am sure it has to do with trace distance or something like that....



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