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My New Water Cooled Pc! :)

Mad Cow

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I just finished piecing together my new water cooled PC. I have a copper car heater-core cooled by six 80mm fans (30 CFM each). I have a 350 GPH inline pump. I am using 1/2 tubing (except 3/4 from pump to heater-core). DangerDen Maze 4 waterblock and cold plate. A 172watt peltier and a 5 1/4" bay res. All of the cooling components are powered by a 550watt PSU.

In my computer I have an Aopen AX4R Plus mobo, P4 2.53B GHz, and a GeForce 3 Ti 200. At default core speeds, the processor idled well below 0 C. I am currently running at 3.1GHz with a max temp of 33.5 C. I am constantly running Folding, so I dont know the exact idle temp. I have the core voltage at 1.675v. Is that a little high? low? Even as I am writting this my screen goes black every few seconds and then comes back. What could this be caused by? I know I couldnt run my 9700 pro because my PSU (for the actual computer components) wasnt supplying enough power. I only have a 350watt PSU for the components, could that be causing the black screens? Otherwise I am proud of the overclock. Do you think I could push it further once I get a better PSU? If yes, how much further? How would these overclocks affect my CPU life? Thanks, pics comming this week.

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