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Thermalright SI-120 & PWMIC/Chipset temps


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I am looking to upgrade my CPU cooling and I am leaning towards the SI-120, possibly with one of the Silent-X 14dBA/72CFM fans.


What i was interested in knowing though is whether people have experienced any cooling benefits with their PWMIC temps, and even the Chipset temps. I am not to fussed about Ram cooling...but I wouldnt mind a drop in my PWMIC temp and an even bigger bonus would be a bit of help on the chipset. The wingspan is huge on this thing so i wondered if it could be mounted to aid the PWMIC cooling.


I am also grabbing a Evercool to replace my Chipset fan as it is starting to get annoying, So the chipset temps are not too much of an issue... but PWMIC could always be cooler :)



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