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Very strange RAID 0 nf4 benchmark read!! pls HELP

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Ive just installed some new hds, 4x 250 Gb Hitachi Deskstar T7K250 250GB SATA2 8MB 7200RPM.

All in RAID 0 on the nf4 chip.

But i get very strange reading when benchmarking in HDTACH avg read:

2 hd = 112 mbs

3 hd = 135 mbs

4 hd = 123 mbs


I dont know that much about RAID but shouldnt 4 hds be faster then 3????

I get good results when benching i ATTO and Sandra.







This looks like somthing just stopshdtach9ls.th.jpg







Im very thankful for any tip....

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