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The headaches just keep on coming

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okay... mods and anybody else with massive amounts of knowledge, i beg u 2 help me out here.


the story so far...

i bought my comp and built it on xmas day - about 1.5 months ago i finally had it rock solid at 240x10 mhz ram on 1:1 divider 3.3v (see spec) this was vcore of 1.525 v ont he big typhoon.


this holidays i discovered the wonderrfullness of bios changing (wait for it...) successfully went in a circle from 623(of some descript) -> 704-2BTA -> 329 (the new 1) -> 623-2BTA -> 623-2 (normal)


i did this because suddenly my comp couldnt even handle 1 min of prime on same volts WITH A RAM DIVIDER! ldt multi was 4x all the time and i did mess with chipset ldt voltages.


now i am on 623-2 bios and only 2-15min prime stable on 1.525v. its over 1 hr stable at 235 and progressively get to about 239 with error in same time as 240. just for interest i increased volts 2 cpu up to 1.58 (something *113% special vid). this have me only 20min stable?!?!?!


this has given me headaches for the past 1/2 week and i would be so greatful to just have it back where it was! I HAVE A LANPARTY ON THURS :sweat: ... anyway i was wondering if this was the result of me not changing some setting and that stopping me - current bios settings (ram irrelevant as it is memtest stable and on a divider)



fsb 240

ldt multi 4x

cpu multi 10x

CnQ disabled

cpu vid 1.35

special cpu vid *113% (seems to give stabler voltage readout)

chipset 1.5

ldt 1.2

ram 2.8

nb sata is disabled as i use pata hdd.


both errata 94 and 123 are on auto as they dont seem to make a difference and my HAL is Uniprocessor PC (this is wot it was on when 240 WAS stable)


CPU printing


lbble 0536bpew




aarrgghh can anyone think of some setting that is killing me here -> special call to mods but anyone that can help has my eternal gratitude!


so many thanks in advance as my mum is about to slice my throat with the amount on time ive spent working on it lately!!!

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