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Cpu Coolers


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If you have that much to blow, go for watercooling. If you don't want to do watercooling, a Thermalright SLK900 with a Vantec Tornado fan will work.

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Intel Pentium 4 2.6GHz FSB 800MHz @ 3.39GHz 261.0Mhz x 13.0 FSB 1044.0MHz

MSI 865PE Neo2 FIS2R MS-6728

OCZ 2 Gb (4x512MB) PC4000 Dual Channel Gold DDR 500MHz

PNY GeForce FX5900 Ultra 256MB nVidia

ThermalRight SLK-947U (Socket 478 & Socket A) Cooler (HS-009-TR)

Vantec TD9238H Tornado 92mm Fan - Retail (FG-001-VT)

Arctic Silver III Thermal Compound (OA-002-AC)

300 Gb Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm Total All Hard Drives

ThermalTake Xaser III Silver V2000+ Aluminum 7 Case Fans

ThermalTake Quiet 420 Watt Dual Fan PSU

Harman Kardon Elegant Sound System 5.25" Woofer 40 Watt

Compaq TFt 5015M 15" LCD Flate Panel Monitor

CPU Temp 42c Full Load Average

System Temp 39c Full Load Average

NB Temp 46c Full Load Average


What is he doing? He already has a Thermalright SLK947U with a Vantec 92mm fan which is better than the SLK900 with a fan. :blink:

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