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^^ Thats the main reason why i could'nt find "Drivers" for this keyboard...


Have no clue what to do next .... Could the latest bios (running 2005-12-07) help me?


I also got a problem getting the G5 to work but as soon as i installed the software for it everything was fine.


I got the system back to stock settings (but usb keyboard/mouse enable). Still no luck.


The keyboard wont even light up ... no lcd .. no caps lock ... no blue lights.


Also getting a new powerbar to check if that resolves the cold boot issue i also have. Next step is to RMA the psu.


Besides those two issues the system is as solid as i hoped it would be ... played 3 hours of 40 man raiding WoW last night with every eye candy possible in the game at 1900x1200.



is it usb keyboard - turn usb keyboard on in bios.. may need a ps2 - first to turn it on in bios - then use your usb keyboard.. (it sucks- but it works)


cold boot issue in not - faulty mb - or psu (jut specif are out for both)


when you rma mb they modify the board (.22uf cap etc) so when you get it back - it works..


the problem - mboard wants (recomments) 2x12v rails (lower clamp on 5v line-


video card recommends high single 12v rail (high clamp on 5 v line)


see = conflict.... fix reduce clamp onb 5 v line (.22 uf cap on power button) does the trick..


stupit problem -easy fix-- :angel:

yes need drives for xp for thak keyboard

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