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Is my settings "correct" (Opteron 146)

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Hey All,


I have managed to get my Opteron 146 (CABNE 0530) to 2900MHz. My RAM gets capped at 250~260 (or so I think). Is the absolute MAXIMUM that my CPU and RAM can get?


I was wondering if you would take a look and see if my settings are correct or know any better settings and values. (RAM and CPU)


Here it is:




Please see my system settings in my signature.


p.s. This is with out of the box BIOS (6.00 PG - 11/02/2005). Do you think updating my BIOS would make any difference?


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks! OK, the thing that bogged my mind is that I see Opty144's going over 3.0! (over at OCFORUMs)


I don't know, there is something magical about this number "3" that forces me to investigate more! :D


What is the maximum vcore that these opterons can tolerate? I tried 1.425 (to reach 3HGz) and it was a no go! :(


I am going to try 1.45 tonight! ;)

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Yes, I indeed have an Opteron 146, what I was saying is that the "lower" 144 models seem to be able to reach 3.0GHz, and here I am with my 146 hitting 2.9Ghz only (being CABNE 0530 batch and all...)


Hopefully upping the vcore might be able to do the trick.




For my timings, the official G.Skill technician suggeted these:


RAM Model: F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ


2.5-2.7V; HTT=3; FSB=250

Dram Frequency Set: 200 (1:1)

Command Per Clock: Enable (1t)

Cas: 3

Trcd: 4

Tras: 8

Trp: 4~3

Trc: 7

Trfc: 13~18

Trrd: 2

Ter: 2

Twtr: 1~2

Trwt: 2~3

Tref: 3684

Twcl: 1

Dram Bank Interleave: Enable


Dqs Skew Control: Auto

Dqs Skew Value: 0

Dram Drive Strength: 7 (or Best Value For Your System)

Darm Date Drive Strength: 3 (or Best Value For Your System)

Max Async Latency: 7~8ns

Darm Response: Normal

Read Preamble Time: 5ns

Idlecycle Limit: 256

Dynamic Counter: Enable

R/w Queue Bypass:16

Bypass Max: 7

32 Byte Granularity: Disable



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Most 146's I've seen get to 2.7-2.9 without issues.

Gettings them past 3.0 can be a LOT tougher.

And reaching 3GHz vs being Prime stable at 3GHz are two very different things.

Also bet there are more 144s at less than 3G than above 3G :)

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