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Yellow LED on nF4 Ultra-D blinks, no BOOT- sudden problem

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I took off my XP-90 yesterday to replace it with a Swiftech MCW6004 water-block, and my board wouldn't boot after that. The green NIC LED, and the yellow standby LED at the bottom by the four red diagnostics, blink together very rapidly. No boot, no fans spinning, no response to power/reset buttons. Switching back to the Panaflo didn't change this. My CPU is intact- besides, the board hangs up before even trying to test any hardware. RMA time?

I didn't see any leaks from my water loop, which has already passed a 24-hour dry run.


Same system I've had for months:

nF4 Ultra-D

Opteron 144 (usually @ 2.7, but I've tried clearing the CMOS for default 1.8GHz)

2x512MB, either OCZ PC4800 Elite TCCD, or Buffalo mis-matched pair running at PC3200. Both are compatible.

Antec NeoHE 550W, non-A3 revision. Hasn't caused problems in the past, apart from incompatibility with low-power video cards (X300SE incompatible, X700 Pro 50% of boots are unsuccessful).

XP-90 with Panaflo 92mm.

Chieftec Matrix Case

Seagate 250GB 7200.9 (disconnected for trouble-shooting)

WD 120GBx2 (disconnected for trouble-shooting)

eVGA 7800GT CO SE @ stock with VF700


For trouble-shooting purposes, I've tried it with just the following:






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Seems like when many users go from air cooled systems to water cool this usually happens, can't boot but haven't heard of the blinking standby lights unless they haven't mentioned it. How long did you do a clear CMOS, 5 second, 5 hours? Not sure what actually occurs when you go with a different cooling that makes this motherboard not boot again, doesn't make any sense???? Unless either the CPU fried or the water somehow founds it's way on to the board without you noticing. Have you tried a different PSU? Green LED? Marvell?

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Yeah.. I saw couple of threads complaining of rigs stops working when installed a watercooling system.. whats that all about? I am gonna switch to a watercooling and was wondering.. dont wanna screw this because that..

Will the cpu being moved a bit from the socket when taking off/installing the hs cause this?

If its not a water leak, I dont know why the mobo would that ?

really interested knowing what causes this..

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