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Finally, progress on the new build.

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This has been a disaster, especially for the wallet.


Got an expert board, it arrived and was obviously and returned board. Worked for a week (only with 1 stick of ram, never could get dual channel to work) out of case. On final assembly it died and went for RMA. 3 weeks later I considered it lost so ordered another one, (and slipped a Dell 2405FPW into the order to fight my low mood ;) ). That arrived, couldn't get it to post in dual channel (using my old monitor as the wife wouldn't let me open the new one untill all the bits of computer crap were tidied up).


After 2 days the wife went away, and I opened the new monitor. Plugged it in and started up my efforts to get the board posting. 1 stick booted fine, put in the other stick and..... it booted. Tried again, and again and again. Starting no prob each time. So as the moral to the story, if your having difficulty getting your new build to post, you have to resort to Dell (monitors :P) to get it fixed.

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