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BSOD when using DVI cable...???

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But of a weird one, I can only think its a driver issue...???


Had an NEC 20WGX2 for a few weeks now, and finally got around to using the DVI cable today. COnnected it up, booted into windows.. and then BSOD.


It seems to be the place when widows is detecting the graphics...?? As with the vga cable, the screen used to flicker slightly just after the desktop loads, similarly when you run catalyst control centre... however, with the DVI cable, it just BS's...


I can only assume it is driver related...???


Anyone any ideas???

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Yeah it's either driver related or vga bios releated, both related to the video card anyways.


Dvi is normally setup as a 2nd display, or 3rd or whatever.

Kinda like tv out.

So if the driver act's up when adding another display then...


However there has been drive specific issues on the nv cards "I think", based on dvi.

There has defntly been nv bios releated issues before on dvi.



Ati I would assume is the same.

Have you tried uninstalling the driver, hooking up the dvi(while your rig is off), then re-installing the driver?




Other possible driver related issues could be that it's trying to set it up as a vga out.

There's probably other issues that are beyond me when it comes to actual games and what not...

That really does'nt help you out though, I'm sorry I'm not much of help for ya.

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