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Alright, first post here, so howdy all for a start. :D


Needing a little help, for a seemingly endless problem, in regards to getting my mobos to work with my new system. (As can be seen in sig).


First, a little history; I'm currently on my third motherboard with this new setup, the first two were Sapphire Pure PC-A9RD580's, both of which did not POST. After RMAing the first and getting a replacement, the second also appeared DOA, by which time I decided to look to other brands. Eventually, I came across the DFI board being sold, and decided to whack out the extra dosh to put (or so I thought) my problems to rest.


Alas, t'was not to be, for I'm having the same problem with my newly acquired DFI board. Although, this time, the handy LED debug code is hopefully going to show some insights into the problem; it currently shows '.8.'


Now, all of the boards powered up fine, lights shining and fans spinning; seemingly no problems there. I even took the first Sapphire board to a computer shop, to have -them- check it over, costing me money and leading them to come to the same conclusion I had; one dead mobo. They checked different CPU's, differnet power supplies, different graphics cards; still the first board was DOA.


Now, would I be right in thinking that after the second, and now third mobo that I've acquired being unable to POST; that it is something -other- than the motherboard? Even though the first board was sent back, tested and agreed to be faulty, leading to a replacement. (I've arranged for the second Sapphire board to be collected and tested after asking for a refund, so I do not know the outcome of the second board as of yet. Will update when I do.)


Right now, I'm rather at a loss as what to do, and it's frustrating to say the least. Though, I'm hoping that this magic number '8' showing upon the debug LED of my new DFI board, will help shed a little light.

If only I could actually find out what it means. :rolleyes:

I've looked in the manual, and nothing referring to the numbers, except possibly something about 'hard drive failure', but I fail to see how that is the case as I have not even attached a HD yet? Even after doing so, the very same outcome, lights, fans, but no action.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! And if any further information is needed from me, please do ask!


Many thanks.

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I know you got it sorted, but perhaps it was giving you an 8 (Hard Drive Failure message) because there was no hard-drive attached yet. Hard drive failure basically means that it can't find a hard drive or the hard drive isnt working.

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