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Problems with CFX3200-DR? Post here (merged)


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    • My Hard Drive is 16MB Cache
    • My Hard Drive is 8MB Cache
    • I have issues with the ULI Raid Controller
    • I do not have issues with the ULI Raid Controller

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Running crossfire on 939 platforms limits you to boards with the xpress200/sb450 or the xpress3200/ULI combination.


The only decent solution I have come up with for myself is to go back to using single gfx cards. I'll probably sell my X1900's when the R600 cards come out and move into one. Then the board I use won't matter..

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Your right about Nvidia going all out about fixing those problems on the 680i's.I'll be tryng to setup a raid array next month.I hope I also don't have this problem.The bottom line is that DFI are the one that should be fixing this problem..........It's their dam motherboard!!!!!!!Don't they care about their customers?They should do the right thing and recall these boards.Saying....Oh ULI is owned by Nvidia now is why they won't fix this problem is a LAME excuse!.They do build many other boards w/Nvidia chipsets don't they?But I'll also lay blame on Nvidia......They own ULI....It's their company,if the chips are bad it's their responsibility to to replace the chips isn't?If this was some other comsumer product there would have been a recall a long time ago,and a class action lawsuit also.Well thats my 5 cents worth and sorry for the rant.This will most likely be my first and last DFI board just on principle which seems DFI and Nvidia seem to be lacking.

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theres issues with mobo with uli drivers

looks like dfi and uli decided there none and left users hanging with probs to figure out for them selfs

everyone seems to get probs in different ways

its a compo of uli drivers and bios

its seems to be that way with asus and others that used 580 chipset with uli on mobos

next time will listen to my gut feeling instead of taking a chance

wouldnt mind its a nice mobo with alot of good features

if your going to use raid setup,dont use dfi cd as waste of time

download uli drivers 2.20 from nvdia website as they now own them

check your bios is either 25/06 or 27/07

any older bios and you will have probs[/quote


This is my 2nd M1575/3200 motherboard. The 1st was an Abit AN8-32X. I had no trouble getting that board to run well in RAID. When I switched over to X1950 cards the trouble started. They physically don't fit on that board w/o destroying the SATAII connectors. That's why I have the DFI board now. I don't understand how 2 different boards with like components can be so far apart in ease of set up. I've had no luck in F6 & installing the ULI drivers for RAID on this board during XP installation.

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the only way i got it to install without probs,was to install windows own sata controller drivers[ali],downloaded the uli drivers package from nvidia site ,did update from control panel-system-device manager- sata controller and pointed to the nvidia uli drivers[2.20] and it rebooted and no probs

didnt use the f6 with floppy

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Ok, I have been reading through the posts and I had a Brain fart in regard to the issues that some have been reporting in regard to issues with the ULI controller. So I would like to do a couple of polls starting with this one to collect information that can be examined and might be helpful regarding this issue.


Thanks in advance!





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8MB Raptors error constantly, single drive or raid.


8MB Hitachi SataII's error once per day in RAID occasionally as single drives.


Have tested with XP64, XP32, and Linux (3 different filesystems), all have had issues..

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