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Problems with CFX3200-DR? Post here (merged)


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    • My Hard Drive is 16MB Cache
    • My Hard Drive is 8MB Cache
    • I have issues with the ULI Raid Controller
    • I do not have issues with the ULI Raid Controller

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Found the answer to my own question !.


I had downloaded the beta version of POWERSTRIP and thats probably why it didnt work for me. I have now downloaded POWERSTRIP v373 and that does show the Adaptor list.


Once in Adaptors look for ACER LABS RAID CONTROLLER ( I know mjs8278 advice was ACER SATA CONTROLLER but I wonder if that was a typo ?? as it doesnt exist on my system)


The latency setting is 128 which I have reduced down to 32. We will see if that makes any difference to my system .


Before making the above adjustment I ran ORTHOS Prime95 for over 5 hours with no warnings etc but still had a lock up afterwards with nothing showing in the event log !!!. Very strange.

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When I initially began to get the 5288 errors I noticed that at every Event Log entry at the time of the reboot or lock up the following entries were allways present at the same time -:



ATI Smart




Now I had Diskeeper set to automatically defrag at random so I deleted the application from my system.


Next I went into 'Services' and put both ATI Smart and 'Performance Logs & Alerts' on 'Auto' as they were both on disabled as per Black Viper.


Since carrying out the above I have not seen another 5288 in the Event log for the last 5 or so days BUT the damn system is still freezing up for some reason and there isnt any indication or a patern shown in the Event log as to whats causing it !.


I appreciate that all the above might be just a boring load of rubbish but it might mean something to someone somewhere that can interpret it better than me.

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Further to the above....


I have just booted up for the first time today and went straight into the BIOS to alter some settings. While doing that the system locked up and I had to reboot it.

To me that indicates that the lock-up problem could only be with the BIOS as no other drivers could have loaded. Anyone agree with that ?.

I am running the latest 7/28 bios which was allready loaded on my board when I puchased it 3 or 4 weeks ago new from a retail outlet.

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Yea yea yea... I got spanked by the admins...


Anyhoo, Jumpering to 150 didn't help. I've tried all sorts of BIOS configs, related to the south bridge, and though I don't get the errors every 5 or 10 minutes like some people, I generally get about 3 batches a day (on the weekends when the PC's on most of th eday) of the errors.


I can probably live with it until I get another motherboard. Good thing I have a TB of external HDD backup space to image this thing off to.

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Yea, I have the latest drivers and bios, too. I'm thinking about going back a couple older rev's in the bios to see what happens. I didn't think I'd be stepping in this big of a pile of crap when I got the board, so I didn't pay att'n to the bios version of the board I got from Newegg during that black friday sale.



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It wouldn't be so bad if DFI had actually made any progress with the problem. The bios has been bug-ridden since day one, they fix a problem and create a new one, then don't fix the problem and create a new one. It just gets old that nothing ever improves or gets fixed.


I have been pretty loyal to DFI for years but they didn't even make the running for the Conroe build I am starting after X-mas.

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