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DD Full Watercooling setup *NEW*

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is this sold? pm me.


i need a w/c setup soon, and i need, well, most of these parts. not all of them, but i guess i could ebay off whatever was left.


if its sold i wont lose sleep over it.

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i know your pain zeimbo.....my friend bought a TT TaiChi w/internal watercooling $450.00 !!! newegg pic

he's nutz,i know....anyways he wasn't happy (high temps) with the watercooling and spent $200 on a

ok DD setup.He then insisted on me installing it into the case lmao.....i've done it before many times

but on $30 cases not a sweet $400+ case.Him being as nutz as he is,he persuaded me to do it.

thank god i diddn't make one mistake.... :sweat: and drilled the bolt pattern on 1st try


front panel


you always have options.....if i were you i would hook up w/a local guy

and assess the installation before you sell.....as you would love the performance

of that kit


can you or someone make a custom bracket to mount it ?

i made one out of an old hard drive cage

my case was $200 and i diddn't want to cut it either so i made

a bracket instead and only had to drill a couple small holes to mount it

close up of bracket

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