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new to overclocking

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I am fairly new to overclocking and would like some opinions.

Opteron 144 1.8

All I did was set Bios to optimized defaults,

Set FSB to 300,

LDT to X3

Dram to 166 Divider,

cpu = 2.7

Then ran Prime, 1 pass, priority 5, small FFTs.

no probs.

Thing is I have no prog to monitor temps, speed fan caused my PC not to boot and even a cmos clear would not correct, had to reformat lol.

I have heard MBM5 is good, any issues? how accurate is it? and how much lower does the board read temps than actualy are.

I assume now the hard work starts and theres a lot that can be done to reach higher clocks.


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Welcome to the street..


You should let Prime run for anything between 8-24 hours before you can call it stable..


MBM5 is pretty good, but temps are ofcourse a little off.. I just add 5 to be sure, but I have no idea if that's anywhere close to correct.. Nothing smells burned yet, and I've had it shut down at 70 degrees (slight misunderstanding with Special VID :-) )..

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Yeah....just remember Higher Vcore = Higher temps!! I'm waiting for my new CPU fan to come in to run mine Higher than now..Mine hits 2.7 @ 1.48v Prime temp @48-50, Plus it's getting warmer out, bout time to put the window unit in Comp Room!!! Currently MBM5+ all my other temp progs report bout the same 30c Browsing, 38-40load

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