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Attn: XFX 6800GT PCI-E Owners

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Hi XFX 6800GT PCI-E owners!


I managed to totally waste the firmware on my card (long story).


Is there any chance that someone with a matching part number could use NVFlash to copy your original video card BIOS, and email it to me? This way I can reflash the firmware and recover the card.




Willing to make a small Paypal contribution for your time. Thanks,


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New problem:


When I remove my PCI-E card I can boot to DOS using my PCI vga card. With my PCI-E card installed, it hangs with 1 LED (presumably since the 6800GT firmware is crapt). I can't do the reflash because the sys hangs when the PCI-E card is inserted.


In the BIOS, I have 'Display Init' set to PCI. But it still hangs. How can I force the BIOS to post using the PCI card, instead of the PCI-E?



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