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Problem with G.skill ZX

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Hi everyone.... i'm excuse for my english, however i try to explain my problem :)


I've just bought this motherboard and i've mounted g.skill ZX 2gb in orange slots

This ram are going well @default 2-3-2-5, but in every game (3dmark05 too) after 3 minutes blocks completely my pc.

The only way to run every game is set the ram in 2T... :sad:


With MSI k8n neo2 my ram went 2.5-3-2-5 228mhz...


What's the problem?


I really thanks you for every reply...

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If I'm not mistaken that memory will ONLY run in 2T. I experienced a similar issue with the same memory. If you take a look at their site they go over this in brief detail.


Also : You should add some more detail to your signature..



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Having run memory at 228 in MSI by no means it will run that on the DFI.

Did you run memtest? if you are getting freezes it could be the ram, maybe something lese too. if you are getting freezes in games and 3d apps, it could also be your gpu too..

so first rum memetest and make sure the ram are fine. maybe give some more voltage.

If your ram runs fine at 2T, run t at 2T.. there is only a negligible performance difference. so you wont be missing out anything by running on 2T.

Also as I have seen "some" 2G kits sometimes have problems. they are not perforamnce-friendly like the 1G ones. so maybe your ram needs to be run at 2T.

dont worry about it, 2T is just as fine (almost) as1T.

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