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Impossible to overclock CPUs : cold bug ?

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I tried to overclock 2 CPUs, 1 Opteron 148 and 1 San Diego 4000+. Both of them were cooled with the MAch II GT device at -60°C.


For the Opteron, I had the following problem : when I increase the FSB, the system boots and freezes a few seconds after the boot. When I test the stability with Prime 95 or OCCT, there is no more system freeze. But when I stop burning the CPU, the system freezes again a few seconds later.

Another symptom is that I cannot increase the FSB after a limit, whereas the system is fully stable at this frequency (11x285 Mhz). With all my previous processors, I reached the maximum frequency when the system was instable (Prime 95 and OCCT).


Before concluding that the cold bug was the cause, I did many tests :


- use of a RAM divider in order not to be limited by the RAM : RAM always worked at about 200 Mhz.

- DFI bios flash from 6/23-3 to 7/04-2BTA.

- RAM, LDT, chipset, CPU voltages increase.

- chipset parameters changes : errata enhancement 123, 94.

- the maximum FSB of the motherboard is 322 Mhz (tested with the Opteron on air).

- test of the RAM stability with Memtest 1.55 : no errors during 10 hours.

- test of CPU stability with Prime 95 and OCCT during 5 hours : no errors.


Finally, I have just sold it and bought an AMD San Diego 4000+. I tried to overclock it today and the same phenomenon occurs : I am stuck at FSB = 227 Mhz, I cannot boot, and under 227 Mhz, I manage to boot but the system freezes a few seconds later, exactly like for the Opteron.


I changed the voltages, used a RAM divider to make the RAM function at 200 Mhz without any success.


Just after the DFI nF4 logo, there is the screen which displays a few information about the configuration : I noticed that "memory controller" is marked "NA" for both of the CPUs.


So my conclusion is that the memory controllers of the Opteron and of my 4000+ do not support the extreme cold.


What is your opinion ? For the Opteron, I was aware of the cold bug widespread for this type of CPU.


But for the San Diego 4000+, I am really amazed : I had a San Diego 3700+ last year and I did not suffer form cold bug. So for this 4000+, is my problem caused by the extreme cold ?


I did not test it on air and now that the Mach II GT head is mounted, I don't want to remove it since I must to remove all my stuff.


Thanks for your feedback.

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227 sounds like a lock is not in place. Move your SATA drive (if you have one) to SATA port 4 then try.


I already have 4 SATA drives connected to the 4 motherboard ports. And I changed spread spectrum for SATA in bios (chipset parameters) but no result.

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Do you know the stepping of the san Diego? Newer SD steppings are known to clock good on air/water but do not like the cold (xxB2x for example). Some steppings just like the cold better then others, just like the Opterons (not al of them are bugged).


A weak drive strength could help you a little. I use drive strength 3 and data drive 1.

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I'm not surprised, booting at -60C is not something that a lot of A64's do.


there are tricks to keeping coldbug at a minimum though, look over at XS for all kind of tips, but most important would be the actual mem controller of your stepping.

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