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Opteron 165 @ 2.7ghz, SLI-D Voltage Questions??

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Hi, went from intel to amd setup after readin about good results from the opteron,

so i got myself some new hardware, check signature.


Im still a f00kin r00kie at amd clocking but looks like i found a pretty good 165

as far as i can see. havent pushed it to the limit yet, doing some more reserarch.


Anyway here is my 3dmark05 score with a slightly OC'ed 7800GTX


3dMark05 score


Allso a screen of some voltages, sandra scores and cpu-z shots.




As you can see is the volt displayed as vCore 1.47 even thou iwe set it to 1.50

in bios, is that normal?? or do they show a bit wrong?

But the ddr voltages is right on 3v as iwe set it in bios.


Anyway its 99% stable never had a single crash and plays all my games perfectly.

BUT! it wont complete dual prime95 torture test, core1 craps out after about 15 mins. Any idear how to get it prime stable other than increasing the vCore?

Maybe some increase to chipset or any other setting i dont know about.


Thanks for feedback! you guys rock!

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