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Initial system boot (resets once)

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Hi.. been having a problem with my system for a long awhile. It hasnt affected anything criticically so I havn't put much effort into solving it. The problem is:


I'll turn on the system, after seeing the LanParty splash screen (sometimes i dont even get that far), the system will reset and proceed to boot normally


If the system does not do this mysterious reboot, then the memory will show up as 700 or 800mb (out of 2gb).. which is really strange because I have two 1 gb sticks.


My voltages are as follows:


Vcore + VID = 1.6 (to accomodate stable high clockrate)

LDT = 1.26

DRAM = 2.82

3.3 Rail = 3.33

5 Rail = 5.05

12 Rail = 12.34

Battery = 3.02


The rail voltages are adjustable because I have the ocz power stream.. but the voltages seem in the norm. Anyone have any advice?



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yes there are, you will still have problems with your system if your os is installed on your seagate, but the boot files are on the maxtor

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what you can also try is the memroy in the orange 1 then run memtest, then your other dimm in memory 1 so you can see which one is giving you trouble

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