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OCZ Pc4000 platinum EB Edition??

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I have some question...

i have the OCZ Platinum EB Edition 2*1024 kit...

with my hardware can i run these memory Command Per Clock (cpc) enable

at 1T?

if yes.. in what ram bank should i put these memory..in the yellow one or the orange one??

if i want to use these memory at 200mhz (2*200) what tight timing is possible to reach and what is the ultimate Dimm Core for 200mhz, vs 250mhz??


Best Regards Marcus

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That RAM is rated @ DDR 500 at so if you wanna run it at 400, you'll gonna have to play with it....haven't seen any reviews that people actually wanted to run this thing at 400 since it's a 500 rated memory....I guess you'll have to try and see mate...

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i´m little worried about my cpu..thats the reason i want to go at 200mhz not 250mhz.. but i´m very exited to do 250mhz on the FSB and multipel 10=2500mhz

the HTT will operate on 250*2*LDT HTT Multipel 4=2000mhz HTT as stock or?????

is this a good OC or??

how much FSB can a Opteron 175 handle???


is it better to OC like this for the cpu lifetime??

FSB 230

Multipel 11

=230*11=2530mhz on cpu


and fsb 230*2*LDT mul.*4=1840mhz HTT


i know that the HTT should be 2000mhz

but +- what???.. is there any little different

in performance if i drop the HTT to 1900 as slowest or 2100 at the highest HTT..

can something go broken if i drop the HTT to 1900 or high it to 2100mhz..


Best Regards... Marcus

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HTT transfer speed of 750 to about 1020 "before doubling is fine actually. In other words 1500 to 2040 should work very nearly the same since the difference between 1500 and 2040 is like a having 6 cars on a 6 lane highway and adding 2 more lanes for 8 lanes and the 6 cars cannot travel any faster. Worrying 2000htt to death getting there is mostly a waste of time.



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so you meen that it is better to use a little less HTT speed than a bit higher then standard 2000mhz..

Another question is why so many people raise there FSB so much instead of changing the multiple up...

ex 250fsb*10=2500mhz of cpu speed

278fsb*9=2502mhz cpu speed

313fsb*8=2504mhz cpu speed


Is there any performance different beetween thouse choises??

don´t care about the HTT speed just look at the diffrent choise to increese the Cpu speed...

in other words, is it better to go with high fsb vs high multipel?

is the htt to much if i use 2080mhz?


Best regards Marcus

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First of all, quite a few people have cpu's locked at x9 multiplier, so they need a high FSB to get a good high overclock...


ABout the performance I'm wondering the same, but it can't be exactly equal.. I can clear OCCT with 270*10, but can't on 300*9 (which is exactly 2700 in both cases).. And no, it doesn't help upping the voltage with the high fsb.. Well, at least not as far as I want to go with my aircooling..

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Ok... have you never try to see the different....

if you goes down to 2600mhz instead.

1: use low multipel and high FSB

2:use highest multipel and "Low" FSB

so you get the same CPU speed ex around 2600mhz

then if you go and benchmark your computer in dirrerent


witch of these would give you most score in 3dmark for example...


Best regard.. marcus

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