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How Do I Overclock My Laptop?

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they are correct.


sometimes however, laptops don't use mobile cpus but use the desktop version.


I had a Compaq Pressario 1200ca (I hated it thuroughly). I took a T9 and opened it up as soon as the warranty expired and I found a socket :D

... so I stuck a PIII 1GHz and that was kinda fun till the soundcard died... again.

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i have a hp XE3 celeron 700mhz and i rly dont care if it dies on me!!! but i want to try oc it...

i tried installing a mbm to see the cpu temps but i does not detect anything (even if i sure there is a probe bc the fan turn on and off depending if its hot or not)

and since there are no options in the bios... wuts a program i could use to change the frequenzies???

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