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Best memory for nF3 Ultra-D

Guest Xplod_merged

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Guest Xplod

Hello guys,...


I'm planning to buy me a DFI nF3 Ultra-D motherboard probably together with an Opteron 148 because I wanna use my asus v9999GE clocked @Ultra Speeds for another year or so ...


Which 2x1Gb DC-kit will give me the best performance on that rig,.. the highest overclock on the Opteron 148 :confused:


Should I buy OCZ or G-Skill :confused:

I noticed that this OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Platinum overclocks very well and isn't so expensive to over here in Belgium,... or should I buy me other OCZ or even G-Skill memory :confused:

Let's say that I do wanna run my future rig at something like 10 x 260,..270,.. maybe 280 Mhz. with rather low memory timings ;)


So which memory do ya'll recommend :confused:

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