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PSU Failing?

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Yeah yeah, Im running an Aspire 650W PSU (I know, but Ive had no problems). I'm trying to install my 7900GTXs, and I'm having some problems. First, I'm running Media Center Edition, so the only drivers that will work are the plain 84.21 XP ones. I heard MCE can run with these anyway?


When I installed the 84.21 drivers, one of my 7900s had a "Device cannot start(Code10)" error. Microsoft describes this as an IRQ problem in the BIOS? Im upgrading from 7800GTXs and I never had any problems.


Also, now when I try to read the XFX drivers off of the CD, my machine will BSOD everytime with a MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION. I attribute this to a PSU problem. Thing is, I was running 7800GTXs in SLI perfectly fine for the last three months with no problems. Now, not even a single 7900GTX is running stable. Is the power draw from the new G71s that much higher? Would upgrading to a true SLI Certified PSU possible solve some of these problems?


EDIT: Help?

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