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SLI trouble,

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Hey guys,


Im having some problems with getting SLI to work. My nub mind has done everything i can think off.


One card is bfg 7800gtx oc other is xfx 7800gtx extreme.


Ive mad sure that each card is is using the same core n mem freq.The jumpers are jumped. Im using the 84.21 drivers. Plenty of power. SLI bridge is on. Windows boots fine with each card on its own.


The rig boots fine its starts the typical windows loading screen then it goes black.


Any ideas? I need 2 change bios at all? SLI aperture broadcast is set to auto.





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..it myt stil work they are after all both 7800gtxs'...if ones clocked alittle lower from what ive heard it will slow the other one down but it should probably at least give him a screen. heres a quote from the offficial sli site:

Guys, today is your Lucky Day! NVIDIA just released a driver (Release 81.85) which solves all of your questions.


With the new "Release 80" driver, NVIDIA takes SLI to an entirely new level. First of all, gamers can use graphics cards in SLI mode with different clock speeds, different BIOS settings, different input/output configurations, different memory sizes and from different manufacturers. That means that our friends Nick and Jeff can buy any graphics card they want, as long as it's the same model as their current graphics card (GeForce 7800 GTX for Nick, and GeForce 6800 GT for Jeff). How's THAT for flexibility?

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