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everest home edition benchmark resultsa and overclock, good/bad


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did a benchmark on my overclocked CPU+memory


CPU Clock: 2430.21 MHz

CPU FSB: 270.03 MHz (original: 200 MHz, overclock: 35%)

Memory Bus: 220.93 MHz


heres the results


2433 MHz DFI LANParty NF4 Series -Dual PC3500 DDR @ 2-2-2-6


Memory Read: 6294 MB/s

Memory Write: 2489 MB/s

Memory latency: 41.5ns


hows the results?


also in smart guardian im running the temps @ :

CPU : 30c

PWMIC : 34c

Chipset: 43c


fairly ok overclock?

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thats good, i got


Memory Read: 5721 MB/s

Memory Write: 3557 MB/s

Memory latency: 49.3ns


your writespeed is a bit low, im running @ 267 fsb with 3/4 divider on 2 stick of corsair Value Select Dual Channel


my friend that got a Ferrari Notebook gor 31.x ns and he has 2*512 running Drr333 at 1T

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Very good point UTLanPartied.

NEVER compare benchamarks from previous versions.

Lavalys keeps fine tuning the program.


Pcbrower - looks like a nice clock. Don't get hung up on the Latency benches.


ForEvo - You can DL the latest (beta) 2.80.556 from the net but you will have to redo your activation key. Otherwise you will be back to a trial. I like both the memory and HDD benchmark tests on it. Mine Looks like this



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