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Upgraded cooling options

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As per everyone else your temperatures are too high, and there could be several reasons for it.


You have obviously considered poor heatsink contact, so the only other options I would look at are poor case air flow or probably poor IHS contact.


The Opteron in my sig although being single core had very poor IHS contact so out came a wilkinson sword razor blade and off came the IHS :D

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Dear All,


Long time without a post. :rolleyes:


As can be seen from my sig I'm currently running an Opteron 165 with a XP90 and a 43cfm Panaflo 92mm fan. I've been playing about with my overclocks and it will run stable at 290x9 @1.4V but the load temperatures are too high (60+ C). I have tried refitting the heatsink but no change in temperature was observed and I always use the recommended amount of AS5. At the moment I've scaled the overclock back while I consider my options (250x9 1.3V, 38C idle)


I do have a 120mm SilenX 64cfm fan which I can mount on the XP90 but from previous experience of it with the XP90 and the Opteron 146 it didn't drop the temperatures. I am unsure if this is due to improper air flow (turbulence) or I'm hitting the limit of the heatsink or aircooling (not a sufficent temperature difference between case air temp and heatsink).


Would changing to a Scythe Ninja, Vapochill Micro or Zalman 9550 make any appreciable difference? Or should I be looking at watercooling?


TBH I'm always shyed away from water because I don't want to take the risk and the expense. Being my first watercooled system I would be looking at a kit. The Gigabyte galaxy and the XSPC X2O kit have been getting good reviews at a reasonable price. In addition these have adaptors which allow you to put the 120mm onto a 80mm exhaust fan (which my Lian Li has and I don't want to cut it up).


All advice would be greatfully received.



I noticed in your sig the chip you are running....that is just a hot running chip...I would be willing to bet you that a different chip would not run that hot...reason I say that is because I have tested 11 different opterons and the 0550VPMW the 0550UPMW and the 1 you are running seem to be the hottest chips out there...

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