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Super Nade

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Prices NOT including shipping.


-Fortron Epsilon 600GLN Perfect for DFI-Expert like boards. EPS/Server style connectors. - $ 110 (Almost brand new) Dropped to *$100*

-SLI Bridge (like the one that comes with the NF4 SLI-DR) made by gigabyte $5

-*New combo*Thermalright V1 VGA Heatpipe cooler + Used tube of AS5 + Old FDD + anything else I can find laying around $20

-Bunch of old 80 mm fans (There are more than five, for sure).- $10


Part numbers:

Damaged one: 0A30356BA13560E55, P/N : 0A30356, S/N: SDSRM52B, Model # HDS728090PLA380

Good one: 13G0252BA10270S45, P/N: 13G0252, S/N: C2DHJMJL, Model # HDS722580VLSA80



Shipping and payment:

Contact me before you make out a MO. Paypal preferred.

Shipping via USPS Priority + Insurance.



Corsair v1.1 PC3200 2 x 512Mb DC Kit $120 BH5 [sOLD]

Corsair v1.1 PC3500 2 x 512Mb DC Kit $125 BH5 [sOLD]

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Guest InFeKtioN



I guess I thought they were the same model.


The Damaged one (HDS728090PLA380) is a SATA II 3.0Gb/s....

And the Good one (HDS722580VLSA80) is a SATA 1.5Gb/s....


Is that correct ?

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