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M-Audio Revolution sound issues: cracking and popping

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Hi there.


I'm having some hard time with my new PCI soundcard, M-Audio Revolution 5.1 .

During all playback (media player classic, powerdvd, foobar2000 on kernel streaming or kmixer) I hear some slight random popping sounds from my speakers.


Various people said this has to do with PCI latencies but changing those values with a proggie from guru3d.com - pci latency tool only modified the patterns of occurency for those static noses, didn't eliminate them. I've also played with the rather cryptic ``latency" field in my M-Audio control panel, but that didn't completely eliminate the parasites from playback.

Also tried in both PCI slots to no avail.


My onboard audio module isn't installed, everything i'm not using is disabled from bios, same are the inputs of the soundcard, Windows XP SP2 is just installed with WHQL drivers. On my old and not too shiny Gigabte K8NXP-SLI motherboard I didn't have the same sound issues - but I wasn't pleased with that board.

Anyone any idea?


Thank you.

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