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What about chipset voltage with SLI-Expert


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Hello, i'm looking for NF4 SLI-Expert voltage / FSB data.

i didn't manage to found anything yet on the forum but maybe it is because of my poor english spelling (i'm French).

Actually, my FSB is 280 and i experience BSOD and sometimes system hangs.

but, this is not everyday.

i've been memtested my brand new GSkill 2Go HZ for 15 passes without any errors.

my Opty 170 didn't made any errors after 10 hours of Prime15 session (one torture test / core).

But when i play my system sometimes hang or BSOD.

i've a X1900XTX at stock speed.

my chipset voltage is at stock 1.52, and i think that this is the origine of the problem.

But as i didn't experience any data loss on my HDD, i though 1.52 was enough.

So, can some DFI NF4 SLI Expert anthousiast post their Chipset Voltage / FSB to have a general view about this voltage adjustement.

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Yes my LDT is x3.

I've found the problem.

My memory was fine after 15 passes under memtest.

But under windows, that was my memory which makes my system hang.

at the beginning i didn't understand why, and after a little investigation, i saw my memory voltage is 0.7 volt less under windows than under Bios.

i raised the memory voltage to match the bios value and now my rig seems to be very stable.

i use systool to monitor because everest give me really strange results.

hope it will help someone someday.....

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