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FS:Lian-Li PC-75 and 50Z pumps


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I have a Premeir Paypal account so i accept CC paypal too.


Paypal/[email protected]




All prices are not including shipping. Most items will be shiped with USPS Priority, unless other shipper is requested or required.






FS: (2) AquaXtreme 50Z Pumps


They are in great condition and run great. They havent been used for very long.


Im asking $55 each plus shipping.



Nominal voltage - 12 V DC

Nominal power - 9 W

Motor type - Brushless, microprocessor controlled

Maximum head - 3.2 M - 10.5 FT

Maximum discharge - 700 L/HR - 185 GPH

Rotational speed - 3000 RPM

Connection size - ½" Barbed

Electrical connector - Molex 4 pin

Weight - 1.4 Lb (650 gr)

Motor casing material - Aluminum

Insulation - E Class


This is a Great pump for a system with a smaller rad because of the crazy low heat dump. However, it is still powerful enough for a big rad. It will give almost identical temps to a D5 according to Cathar's pump testing. And when overvolted to 13.8 volts, this is easily the best performing DC pump below $200.




Lian-Li PC75








these pics are not picturing everything included, but you get the picture


This has been modded to fit a Black Ice Pro 3 radiator (or similar) in the top. The cutting job aint to good, but the included "atomic energy" grills make it unnoticable. There are also 2 x 120mm holes in the bottom. It comes with 4 x Thermaltake 80mm Blue Eye LED fans, and a Vantec Nexus fan controller (4 knob version). Yes it has a window and it is Silver. There are 2-3 small scrathes on the top that were from cutting when i forgot to cover with tape :cool:. There is also a tiny scuff mark on the window but is invisable unless you arelooking for it. There is a small water leak mark inside the 5.25 drive cages but is unnoticable from outside of case... or even inside.


ps ignore the red tape, i just stuck it there for fun


$150 plus shipping




(2) Vantec Stealth Fans (120mm) Sleeved black with 3 pin connector


$6 each




Whatever goes around Bumps around :D

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well, are you interested, or just for the listing, as the pics are at home and i am not.


i can get the pics tonight for sure. (maybe tomorow 12am)


tell me if you want me to email them to you tonight (as i cant PM you)

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