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Can it be fixed?!?!?!?

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So i have water cooling on my lpnf2b, last night when i was tightening the holddowns i slipped and broke off 2 resistors, at least i thnk they are resistors, dont have a camera good enough for a close up, but it is fb31 and fb29 on the board, just to the bottom right of the socket. Is it possible to solder new ones on and make it work? Where can i get new ones? i am at a loss! I cant bare to think of my dear franky being dead, something has to be done! HELP ME!!!!



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Guest Darien

wow... what a pisser...


you will first of all need to somehow get a digital pic of the damaged area and post it here...


you can probably get new SMD (Surface Mount Device) resistor and solder them back on... should work if that's all it is... after all the vcore, ocp, vdroop mod is done this way...


this is a bit beyond me though.... someone like maybe NeoAethyr might be able to help you though...


sorry to hear about your board dude


good luck

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Guest Darien
man . THE LOTTERY, just because someone wins the lottery doesn't mean that dfi support goes out the window!


yeah... WTF is that all about!?! can't DFI just get someone else to take over the forums?

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FB..., that's some sort of 4 digit one...

I will look them up in a few moments here to get an idea.


What color are they?

Black or other?


If they're black they are likely resistors.

Anyways I will try to find that standered of resistor in a few.


I'm just not used to seeing 2 letters before the #'s.

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FB31 and FB29...



I assume that F = 100000 multiplier.


The B, or b, are you sure it's not 6?


From what I'm gathering right now these are EIA-96 type resistors.

However they are ethier 2,5 or 105 tolerance.

The lower the tolerance the better, think of it as precistion.

It means the values that come out of it are that % off max.


So the resistors sucked anyways.


However I'm not seeing yet any standeed with more then 2 numbers after the letter multi.

I will keep looking though.


How many pins do these have btw?

Just 2 ends, or are they like 4 ends a side?

If they are the 4 pin ver's or what not, then they are RN type resistors.


Hmm, I'm coming up with fuses when I look for the exact part #'s, under say f629 and f631.

I will shut down and see if I can locate them on my board.

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thanks man, i am pretty sure its a b, looked with a magnifying glass, but it could be a 6. they are black and they only have 2 ends, have been trying to solder some wire onto the ends so i can put em back on, tough job to do. i'm hoping i could go to radio shack and buy some resistors or somesuch and solder them on and have him work again, but i gotta find out what to solder on before i can do this.



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Are they on the backside of the board?


I got thopse by some main fuses.

I'm pretty sure though are fuses/circut breakers.


They look like puple or blue to me, but I'm a little color blind too so...

Only a tiny bit.



Right on the very corner of the board by the cpu, by mh4(screw).


Can you see fb22-fb25, all in a row?

Those I'm pretty sure are fuseable links/circut breakers.

The same thing for the bigger ones.


On this board, they have the name fb and f.

On my asus to the side they had names on the pcb backwards, the small ones are f, the big ones fb.


I notcied they have 2 lines in them, but I can't really tell.

Plus those are'nt the right ones anyways, I can't see much of my board, under the 120mm right now I assume.


If they are fuses, which I'm pretty sure they are.

You can replace them with a 0k resistor easy enough.

You would look for a resistor(black) with the # 0 on the top, just 0 too.

Solder that in and whatever the fuses was kooked to, should work again.

However the protection will be gone from the chip(usb, lpt etc) fro crossed wires.

But as long as you do't fool with custom stuff and mess up the wiring, you'll be ok.


I can look more info on it sometime later perhaps, to make double sure and perhaps find the old rating.

However, if you want, you coudl look the stuff up yourself to decided if that's what they are.

All it would take is soldering a 0k resistor in there place if those are fuses.

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