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New PSU, less stability...

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I received my replacement from OCZ yesterday (OCZ 600 SLI EU). I have a stability issue right now: crashes in games, can´t run 3d-benches, prime will crash after 2-3hours.

I checked my rails (idle/load) and they are fine, nothing was changed during my downtime.

Any ideas?



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Guest thespin

Maybe your settings got cold ... :) .. adjust for current state ...


Actually I think any change to any component related to stability may require adjustment to OC settings when you are running on the edge ...

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Guest thespin

Are you saying that you can't find ANY point where your system is OCed AND stable ?

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Compare agaisn't your previous psu to find out possible rail levels to try ;).

It should at least give something to work with as a start.


Be watchful, other problems can give you the wrong inpression, it's not just rail levels that can give you these problems.

Bad cabling can too.

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Are you saying that you can't find ANY point where your system is OCed AND stable ?

I just changed my PSU (it should perform better than my old Powerstream 520) and used my old/proven settings (please see my sig). I increased some voltages but I can´t get the system stable at all. Do I have to find my max. settings again?!


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The 520w should have the same cable though so it should't be any diffrent on that.


I have horrible problems with the filtered cables.


I know it's either one of these or all of them:


The beads at the end of the cable(the big round ferrit "bead" thing under the sleeves).

Filtering the +5v rail can be a bad thing, so that may be a or thee issue.


The caps used to filter low freq's.

I'm not sure exactly how they're hooked up since I have'nt orn apart the cables yet to redo them.

Now do I know what kind of caps they are.

This could be a bad thing too.

Cheap caps maybe, or hooked up, well bad.

Like maybe power to ground(Seems like it would/might effect other cables then but it don't I think).



The small ground.

All of the filtered cables have a small ground for some odd reason.

Grounds are normally less inportant then the leads.

However on a psu normally the grounds are of the same gauge, it's the same gauge as the leads on the normal cables.



The filtered cables are:

2 ide's.

2 pci-e's (all of the pci-e's : )


I can't use them at all for video cards nor drives of any kind wihout huge problems.

Problems that find there way even into prime95 with "in-place" mode ^^.


Even if a dvdrw, or cdrw is hooked up with them and not doing anything, if it's on a chain with an hd, it screws up the hd ramdomly.

It took me forever to figuer it out...



If you plan adjusting the rails to find the optimal levels.

Adjust 1st to last:





Then recheck each one for crossload issue as they tend to change a tad after you change one.

Mostly the +3.3v one.


Once in a while a rail will change levels by it's self.

If it's within acceptable levels, leave it alone, because it's gonna change again and again.



I still mess with mine.

Thign is though it was only maybe 2 days ago when I found the issue out with the cables.

So i'm trying to get my rig setup with the most stability and speed now :.

Even now I find it hard to find the best speed, but at least I got it decent.

Just a tiny touch on those vr's will throw things for a loop, speed and stability wise.

Real pain, but if you get a ruf idea at where to be, it does'nt take that long to get it right.




EDIT !!! :

Oh yeah.

Sometime adding to many drives or what not to a chain can cause problems, power cable wise.

Like adding 3 drives then a dvdrw, the dvdrw could have major problems, then setting off a reaction through the ide controlelr that it's sharing a hd with, etc.

It's just something else I've encounterd before, not on this psu but still.



Memtest can give you a general idea of what is what sorta.

That's what I used at the very begining, I know that does'nt really help though.

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If you think your problems are power supply related then try logging the voltages for the important rails using MBM or your favorite program to watch for dips or spikes on crashes. Also I always recommend using a digital volt meter to see the difference between the actual reading at the cable and the stated voltage through the software. A difference always exists so you can know this difference when observing the log file.


If it is power related perhaps during heavy current draw that tenth or twentieth of a volt makes all the difference on a certain component.


Balancing 12 volt rails can be a rare issue as well as cable connections. Double check the easy stuff first. GL.

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all rails were tested with a voltmeter during prime95, 3d-benches and idle mode.

They are all fine, only a 0.02v drop under load. I can run now 11x245 (same vcore, haven´t tried less) @ 3-3-3-8 1T timings; but I have an annoying stuttering in games :rolleyes:


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One issue I just thaught of...


The +12v rails, they are split off one big rail.


The external vr for that is for the main rail, not for when they are split.


On mine they are adjusted slightly diffrently, I dont' have a dmm so I don't knwo the actual values.

They are glued in posistion however.



Since you have a meter, here's how the rails are distroed.


8pin, 24pin, sata, this is the 2nd rail.

Everything else, this is the 1st rail.



Measure the output of on of the reguler +12v connectors, ide type.

Then measure the ouput of the +12v on one of the sata conenctors.

This will let you know exactly is what voltage for each of the 2 split 12v rails ;).

You coul adjust accordenly to your previous psu's specs then ;):D.



+12v rail levels seem inportant for speed.

But not that inportant.

The +5v rail however is extermly inportant for speed.

Make sure it's not to high, using a slight edge over the standerd is probably the way to go.


On my board, bios readout.

5.02-5.05v is to much for my burners, which in turn causes major hd issues.

If I turn it down to 4.97-4.99v, it's just fine.

From past experience, that exact level is my optimal performance anyways...

But lately I noticed somewhere above it gets me slightly better hd performance, might not be the hd's but it's somehow related(may be a chip on the board or something).


This does'nt really help because it's not real levels to go by.

However it's gotta be close to real standered, I'm assuming I'm above it slightly.


My burners worked fine at 5.89-5.91v as well, but very slow, even my burners where slow.

I know that the +5v rail effects the lens in burners I don't know how it effects hd's directly but it somehow does, even if there's no burners.



Other possible things that cause stuttering are those cables like I said before.

however since you previously had a 520w powerstream, I believe the cables are the same, I doubt this is your main issue here.


I hope you can get the issue resolved, as not having a working rig because of a psu, that you paid good money for, sucks...


Afterwards we can talk about others things to inprove the psu if you wish.

You can inprove it by external mods, at least the 8/4 pin anyways, by a good amount.

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Hi NEOAethyr,

I thought my relaxed settings were stable... There are not, played 1h Most Wanted and got a reboot :dog:

I will try your suggestions regarding the voltage adjustments, hope this will help.


These are my (idle) voltage readings in the bios:

3.3v = 3.32V

5.0v = 5.08V

12.0v = 12.22V


This is what I get when using the meter (bios-screen):

3.3v = 3.38V (24-pin)

5.0v = 5.21V (Molex)

12.0v = 12.27V (Molex)

12.0v = 12.29V (SATA)



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