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Ballistix and Expert


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From last night I'm trying to get system stabil with Ballistix and DFI Expert, no luck....I 'm stuck I need a little help, I was not able to get stability in windows in anyway, but memtest runs with no errors. I tried latest official bios, and 704-2BT. Settings.




This is on default 250FSB, I tried various combinations changing DRAM Drive Strenght from 7-10, lowering TREF, lowering TRCD and TRP back to factory defaults, DRAM data strenght to AUTO, higher timmings for Read Preamble and Max Async, main difference was I was able to enter in windows and then crashes with one settings and other setting was when I trie entering windows BLUE Screen. Few times I was able to run prime but crashes and reboots immeditely.


Also tried this settings on 270FSB




Same as above



Before Expert I had Ultra-D never had any problems with Ballistix and Ultra-D. I bought Expert because 3rd PCI slot and was hoping some higher stabil clock, but instead I have a big hedache. Can someone help on this please, from this position I would say these two components can't work together. I'm writing this and in my computer is Kingston Value now, no problems at all. Thanks a lot, help appreciated.

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