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First milestone Opty [email protected] But need tips!

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Hi, used to run a P-m dothan setup and just got myself a new rig.




Opty 165 @ 2700 1.45v

Club3d 7800GTX

Corsairs XMS3200LL x2 512mb BH5

DFI Lanparty SLI-D

Enermax Liberty 500W psu.


Anyway im awfully new to amd clocking, but after quick readthru

of the A64 OC guide i was good to go, my first "goal" was 2700mhz

wich im at now, havent primed this clock fully but its game stable and

3dmark05 stable so far.


Running a Zalman resenator1 upgraded with heatexcanger++


Temps stay below 40C so pretty good so far.


Got a few questions for you experienced clockers.


1. iwe set cpu voltage in bios to 1.5v yet only shows 1.45 in smartguardian

and cpu-z how come?


2. how much Volt can i feed my good old BH5 sticks without worrying about

making fried-fish-sticks out of em.


3. how high cpu volt could or should i go with watercooling?


4. There is only 260 "3dmark05" points between my first run @ 1.8Ghz

and this run @ 2,7Ghz with a not-clocked 7800GTX is that normal?


5. WTF is up with that windows hotfix and x2 fix?? there is like 2 camps

some say you only need it for X2 chips, other say it works for opterons too.

Other says it ed their system, some say it fixed their system.

Wich one should i use for my Opteron?? the opteron one or the X2 one?

OMG! this is confusing!


Thanks for the help guys and GIRLS!

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I can answer the BH-5 one :P


I've been running mine at 3.6v for a year, and they are fine. I think mushkin warrented thier UTT BH-5 between 3.2 and 3.4v . If you accidentely manage to boot up at even 4v you are fine.. (or atleast i was :P)

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Many of the 3d related benchmarks bottleneck on the video card. For example, with my video card (though only a 6800), I got 1fps difference between 2.5 and 2.7ghz in doom3 timedemo demo1. But if I overclocked my video card by 25%, I'd get about a 20% increase in fps.

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