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My OC alright?

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I overcocked my system to 260 MHz 1:1 at 3-4-3-8 at 2.8v for my memory and used a multiplier of 10. So i've been running my cpu at 2600 MHz using prime 95 on both cores for 4 hours and 34 min. I just couldn't wait any longer until the 8th hour mark. No error and no warnings within that period. i didn't do anything else which is fancy in the BIOS. I only touch the FSB and multiplier.


I used stock voltage set at AUTO as well as FID ( think) to AUTO. CPU-z says my voltage is still at 1.328v. my 3.3, 5 and 12V readings are all stable underload.

Is this ok if Prime95 didn't give me any errors?


The highest temperatures record using everest home ed 2.20.405 are as follow:


CPU: 50C

NB: 54C


HDD: 37C

Are these temperature readings ok to run my system? since many ppl don't trust software temperature readings. is it safe to trust everest home ed to a certain extend?


Thanks in advance.

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yeah, thats very good. definately let prime go for over 8 hours though, sometimes it will crap out after 5 hours - then run a few more stability tests, like a loop of 3dmark or play some games for 3 or 4 hours :)

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