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NF4 SLI DR (non-Expert)>>> SLI Setup?

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Hey All,


Finially decided to upgrade my system to SLI (2-BFG 7900GTs), but I have some questions....?

Having read RGone's excellant step-by-step procedure for enabling SLi on an "Expert" board, I see no mention of the BIOS setting "Dual 6600GT Card Support Enable/Disable".

I don't mean to sound like a n00b but, I do need to change this, don't I?

Also, the lane transfer BIOS option is greyed out in my BIOS, will I have access to this after I change the jumpers on the mobo?

I have so far run both cards individually, as a pre-test (just in case I have to trouble-shoot later), and have found these boards to excellatnt overclockers!

They come stock @ 475/680 and I've been playing Oblivion @ 539/800 with stock cooling (non on the VRAM)!


Thanks for any Help!



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